A collection of short stories designed to chill, thrill, amuse and bemuse.

A young woman returns home to an adoring husband, blissfully unaware of the horrifying reality of her situation.
An unknown author attempts to re-write a pre-determined apocalyptic future in order to save humanity from extinction.
A beleaguered husband performs the ultimate de-clutter.
A blind date ends in blind terror.
And a hit and run driver is confronted by his road kill victim.

Read it...if you dare!

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Hell Pit
Kindle Edition

No one could have foreseen the horror that followed the discovery of the old burial pit. It was merely a grave occupied by the dead, and when had the dead ever presented a threat to the living?
This time however, it was different. The killings and the crucifixions were bad enough, but worse was to follow...much worse.


A Cry from Beyond
E-Book Kindle Edition

When fallen pop star, Johnny O’Shea comes to High Bank Cottage, he considers himself fortunate, for the cottage appears to be the perfect retreat.
But High Bank is not what it seems, for it holds a dark secret that is gradually revealed at the expense of others, who vanish without trace and for no apparent reason.
Convinced he has a past connection with the cottage O’Shea sets out to solve the ever deepening mystery, and embarks on a quest that ultimately leads him to uncover the horrors of his own secret past.

Bark at the Moon
E-Book Kindle Edition

Ricky Galleymore is sick…
Sick of school…
Sick of his bullying father…
Sick of being blamed for his mother’s untimely death...
He’s sick of everything except for his little brother. His little brother means the world to him: helps keep him on the straight and narrow.
Then he chances to meet the old timer and everything changes.

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